Discover our range of unique Fornetto ovenware – lovingly crafted stoneware and our signature Cordastone® pizza stones are made using only the finest materials available. Creating great tasting dishes in your Fornetto Wood Fired Oven and Smoker is even easier with ovenware that can be used at incredibly high temperatures. (500°C / 930°F)

Our stoneware is highly resistant to thermal shock, you can take your dishes directly from the freezer to the hot oven. What’s more their capacity to retain heat means food stays hotter for longer on the table. So whether you are baking bread or roasting a chicken we have it covered. All Fornetto cookware range has been especially created to compliment our Fornetto range of ovens. All stoneware pieces are finished in a glossy Empire red glaze to make a bold statement on your table – whether it is inside or out.

Colours and accessory items may differ between countries and suppliers. Please contact your local distributor for information on availability in your area.