Dutch Oven/Stew Pot

Duplicating the benefits of baking in a brick oven, your Fornetto Dutch Oven will satisfy the biggest crowd with a generous 3.5 liter or 3.69 quarts capacity.

Specifically designed to enhance slow-cooking techniques with even heat distribution and by locking in moisture, you will soon be enjoying the delicious results – whether it is tender whole chickens, large cuts of meat such as pork shoulder or tasty soups and stews – perhaps even your favourite chilli recipe.

All Fornetto ovenware are designed for use in our Wood Fired Oven & Smokers, as well as traditional gas and electric ovens and are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.

Diameter: 270mm /10.63″
Height: 152 mm /5.98″ High (Including the handle )
Volume: 3.5 lt or 3.69-qt

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