Fire & Fuel

Fornetto is proud to present our new range of beautiful Smoking Chips, perfect for your Fornetto Wood Fired Oven and Smoker. Produced exclusively in the La Rioja region in Spain, a land steeped in history and the ancient practice of wine making.

Sourced from some of Europe’s finest producers, the oak wine barrel is tantamount in the process of creating great wines and spirits. Different vintages infuse their flavors into the oak during the aging process. Each wine creates a different characteristic, providing various flavor sensations.

When the barrels are no longer suitable for wine production, they are then recycled into aromatic chips, using a new, patented process tested and approved by the Institute of Enology from the University of La Rioja .

This new method retains the maximum characteristics of the barrels and provides an array of fascinating new flavors, resulting in a product that is ideal for smoking in the Fornetto Wood Fired Ovens and Smokers.

Show your culinary flare by using Fornetto Smoking Chips and impress your guests with the fabulous flavorsome food you have created.

Colours and accessory items may differ between countries and suppliers. Please contact your local distributor for information on availability in your area.