Fornetto-alto Built-In

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  • Ecru
  • Brick

Unique Features

  • Air Flow Control

    Air Flow Control

    Control the flow of air and smoke to change the temperature with the adjustable damper handle. Handles never overheat with our Cooltouch Phenolic finish.
  • Halogen Light

    Halogen Light

    Fitted with mains power Halogen lights you can easily monitor food as it cooks inside the Fornetto-alto's's large oven chamber.
  • Ash Tray

    Ash Tray

    Pull out the rack and ash tray and light your fire using charcoal and wood.
  • Warming Drawer

    Warming Drawer

    The large capacity warming drawer is not only perfect for keeping food, breads and crockery warm before serving, and is also an ideal environment for proofing doughs for breads and pizzas.
  • Stainless Steel Oven

    Stainless Steel Oven

    With its 61.2 litre / 16.15 gallon oven capacity, the Fornetto-alto's oven chamber is big enough for a Christmas turkey with all the trimmings or a wood-fired pizza feast.
  • Thermometer


    Accurately monitor temperatures with the thermometer on the oven door.
    Move your Fornetto easily around on its sturdy wheels.
  • Air Control Valves

    Air Control Valves

    Heat proof valves allow you to CONTROL the temperature via air flow.
    The unique ventilation system allows smoke to flow directly from the fire box to the oven chamber. Open and close as needed to infuse food with that authentic smoky flavor.
  • Smoker Box

    Smoker Box

    Add smoking chips or aromatic woods to the removable smoker box, to give unique flavours to your food.

*Colours and models may differ between countries and suppliers.   Contact your local distributor for information on availability  in your area.

Built in island is shown for display purposes only.