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Unique Features

  • Flexibility


    Smoke, roast, steam or barbecue. Add or remove sections to quickly transform into a larger capacity smoker or a convenient charcoal brazier.
  • Secure stacking

    Secure stacking

    Each module fits easily together and is locked securely into place with strong clips.
  • Stability


    Tripod feet provide stability while allowing air to circulate freely around the bottom vents.
  • Easy Grip Handles

    Easy Grip Handles

    Large, silicone-coated side handles allow each section to be lifted in and out of position easily and freely.
  • Easy Grip Lid Handle

    Easy Grip Lid Handle

    Generously curved handle with phenolic grip designed for use with our barbecue gloves.
  • Access door

    Access door

    See inside the oven chamber or access the fire basket and water bowl without lifting the Razzo units apart. The phenolic handle protects your fingers from the hot surfaces below.
  • Phenolic Dials

    Phenolic Dials

    Dials allow air into the fire chamber. The dial on the hood draws the heat and flavoured smoke upward and through the oven chamber.
  • Quality Steel

    Quality Steel

    Enamelled steel exterior helps retain valuable heat and enable airflow within the fire chamber.
  • 304 Stainless Steel

    304 Stainless Steel

    High quality, culinary grade, 304 stainless steel is used for all cooking baskets, grills and hooks.
  • Hanging hooks

    Hanging hooks

    Stainless steel hooks are ideal for hanging meats, whole fish or fillets, cheese, sausages and other foods.
  • Thermometer Holes

    Thermometer Holes

    Small holes near the access doors allow digital thermometers to be inserted into different sections of your oven chambers without letting heat and flavours escape.
  •  Thermometer


    Calibrated in Fahrenheit and Celsius for quick and easy monitoring.
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