To clean the pizza stone in your oven, we recommend using the specially designed Fornetto cleaning brush. Firstly use the blade edge to scrape away any food debris or spills on the stone’s surface then turn the brush over and move backwards and forwards across the stone. This will remove any additional debris. Wipe the stone down with a damp cloth.

NOTE: Oil and fats may absorb into the ceramic stone during the cooking process – this is perfectly normal. Oily residues will be burnt away when the oven is next used. To clean residue on the wire shelves and racks, scrape down with the Fornetto cleaning brush and use a damp cloth to wipe away any residue. The wire racks can also be removed and cleaned in hot soapy water using a kitchen scourer, if necessary. To clean the oven interior (remove the baking stone and bricks), use hot soapy water and a non-scratch scourer to clean any residue from the oven walls. You can also use a non-corrosive oven cleaning spray that you would use on your kitchen oven. To clean the glass, use a damp cloth to wipe down after each use. For more stubborn residue use hot soapy water and a non-scratch scourer to clean. You can also use a domestic (non-aerosol) glass cleaner if desired.

NOTE: The doors of the oven have been screen printed with a special heat resistant paint. Heavy duty scourers may damage the paint and are NOT recommended for use.

To keep your oven clean and dry when not in use, keep it covered with a Fornetto cover specially designed to fit.