With its unique Smoker Slide, you can turn your oven quickly and easily into a smoker oven. Set the ventilation control on the chimney flue to “Smoke” – this closes the damper inside the flue and allows smoke to remain within the wall cavity. Opening or closing the Smoker Slide, you control how much smoke enters the oven chamber and flavours your food.

For even greater impact, place a small amount of Fornetto’s Muscatel, Cognac or Red Wine flavoured wood smoking chips into the detachable smoker box. Fornetto Smoking Chips let the subtle aromas of fine European wines and cognacs enhance the flavours of your food. You can transform even the simplest dishes into something unforgettable.

Made from beautiful old oak barrels which were once used to mature some of the best wines in the world, the flavours are absorbed into the porous oak wood and concentrated through successive vintages.

Once the barrels have completed their last vintage, rather than being burned or dumped, are dried using a natural process which locks in the flavour and aromas without the use of dangerous or chemical additives and then shredded to make the fantastic Fornetto Smoking Chips.

Easy to use, simply soak the chips in water for about 15 minutes to bring out the full flavour. Place in the detachable smoker box and attach to the inside of your Fornetto Wood Fired Oven & Smoker. After that, pour yourself a glass of wine and let the smoking chips do all of the work.

Smoke slide  ventilation