Fornetto celebrates Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday gives people the excuse they need to eat too many delicious tacos! Here is our celebration of the taco, with easy-to-follow recipes for fish tacos, minced beef tacos, corn tortillas, a selection of salsas, and of course a margarita.
Experimenting with the Fornetto Lento Medium Red
This blog is written by a group of beginner-kamado-users who wanted to find out how kamados work by trying out a few simple recipes. Fornetto is happy to share their experiences to help guide other beginners!
Photoshoot in Asturias showcases Fornetto products
Recently the Fornetto team met up with videographers, photographers, distributors, retailers and friends to get some imagery for our new products in development, and to get feedback from everyone on what they thought of the products. Find out more about the day!
Wild asparagus
Collecting wild asparagus in Asturias, Northern Spain, is highly addictive! In this blog we find it, pick it and grill it with hollandaise sauce. There are also a few other tips about what you can cook with this highly prized vegetable.
A day competing at Melbourne Meatstock
Read the blog by Anthony Demarco, who was very excited to finally get to Melbourne Meatstock after 2 years of delays and anticipation. As well as being able to check out all the stalls and exhibitions, he competed with a team in the Melbourne Barbecue Wars.
Making our own grilled pinchos in Asturias, Spain
Bars and restaurants in Northern Spain often hold regional competitions for the best pincho, so on this note we decided to copy the professionals and have our own pincho celebration, using the grill to make the most of the fine weather.
Putting the Fornetto Explorer through its paces
Earlier this year, we were super-excited to be trying out the Fornetto Explorer during our first BBQ of 2022! The weather in Northern Spain shone down on us as we tried out many of the different features of the barbecue.
Simple and Exotic from Northern Africa
I’ve used the word simple in the title of this post because the food that I would like to share with you here is so easy to prepare and yet so unbelievably delicious. Herbs and spices mingle together with meats and vegetables to form a thick stew to which few others compare.
Smoking in Cosmopolitan Barcelona
Truth be told, I find entertaining based around anything that involves fire and smoke some of the best entertaining you can do! Fire and smoke bring out a certain deep-seeded nostalgia in people that we seldom get to relive in our day to day routines and a wood-fired oven accomplishes that perfectly.
We have a winner!
Pizza is famous the world over and comes with the most basic toppings like the original Neapolitan Pizza Margherita with tomato sauce, basil and cheese to luxury toppings such as caviar and foie gras.