Pulled-Pork; Well worth the wait!
There's something to be said about any appliance that can hold heat like the Fornetto! It's really amazing that you can cook an entire dinner and then start the next day's dinner with the residual heat left over.
The Egg-ceptional Frittata
From simple ingredients come great things! Italian cuisine is based on simplicity with most dishes containing only 4 to 8 ingredients. Italians rely on the quality and freshness of the goods they use in the preparation of their traditional dishes as opposed to the complexity that some other cuisines rely on, such as the Haute-Cuisine of France.
Lasagna or Lasagne?
The title begs a question that has often made me wonder why certain restaurants and pasta boxes have different spellings for the same thing and quite honestly, until having done a bit of research for this blog I never took the time to look it up.
Dehli’s Tandoori Tradition
In last week's post we explored one of China's most renowned ways of preparing meat, Siu Mei, Char Siu style. What makes Char Siu so renowned, even if you haven't heard of it before, is that chances are you will have seen it in a dish prepared in your favourite Chinese restaurant
Peking-Inspired Roast Duck
Duck was once reserved for special occasions and holidays but it's becoming more and more popular and that's not surprising considering how versatile and delicious it is. The trick with duck is cooking it and seasoning it properly which is quite easy to do provided you know how!
Flammkuchen or Tarte Flambée
Pizzas have many different variations all over the world and in fact, just because the Italian version is the most common on an international scale, this doesn't mean that others are less flavourful or delicious and this is why we'll be looking at the Alsatian Flammekueche.
Spain’s Iconic Paella
When one thinks of Spain, images of Flamenco dancers, castanets, toreadors and running bulls may come to mind. For foodies however, the images are probably far more geared toward rich and full-bodied wines, a cornucopia of tapas and of course, Spain's most renowned dish, Paella.
Sauerkraut….the ultimate accompaniment
In this post I'm going to show you just how easy making your own homemade sauerkraut is and then a great and easy recipe for how to cook with it using your Fornetto!