Mediterranean Brunch
A warm sun, a fresh sea breeze off turquoise waters and fishermen returning with their catch of the day. Narrow winding cobblestone streets, bright red flowers cascading from tiny balconies and the delicious smell of freshly baked bread cooling on a window sill.
Ceramics for a Tex-Mex Delight
Chili Con Carne has to be one of the most well known Tex-Mex dishes in the world. Nothing else says hearty and nourishing like chili does and it’s versatility is unbeatable; from a simple bowl of chili on a cold winter’s night to warm your body and soul, to a chili-dog or chili-fries on a warm summer’s day at a ballgame.
Roast Dinner….Not just for Sundays anymore!
Is your life non-stop and always on the go? Not always in the mood to make a full-course meal when you get home from work but there are hungry mouths waiting to be fed nonetheless? If you’ve answered yes then read on because I have you covered in this edition of our Fornetto blog!
Pulled-Pork; Well worth the wait!
There's something to be said about any appliance that can hold heat like the Fornetto! It's really amazing that you can cook an entire dinner and then start the next day's dinner with the residual heat left over.
Smokin’ Hot Sausages and Homemade Mustard
Sausages have been around for at least centuries and more probably millennia when early humans are thought to have made a basic type of sausage using roasted intestine and stomach. Read our blog about smoking sausages and serving them with grainy mustard.
The Egg-ceptional Frittata
From simple ingredients come great things! Italian cuisine is based on simplicity with most dishes containing only 4 to 8 ingredients. Italians rely on the quality and freshness of the goods they use in the preparation of their traditional dishes as opposed to the complexity that some other cuisines rely on, such as the Haute-Cuisine of France.
A Day at the Smokehouse
My curiosity often gets the best of me. If I'm able to get professional guidance for something I'm not quite sure about doing, then I go for it! Very fortunately, our food photographer Margaret has some great contacts in the food industry.
Lasagna or Lasagne?
The title begs a question that has often made me wonder why certain restaurants and pasta boxes have different spellings for the same thing and quite honestly, until having done a bit of research for this blog I never took the time to look it up.
Makin’ Bacon……And Smoked Turkey Breast!
What I learnt about making bacon and smoked turkey breast at Casa Boix wasn't as difficult as I had always imagined it would be. The curing process I've created here is my own, based on some independent research I did crossed with the technique I learnt at the smokehouse.
Chinese “Char Siu” Style Ribs
Char Siu is a time honoured tradition of slowly roasting meats either on spits over an open flame or in large wood-burning rotisserie ovens. The meat is normally coated in a very flavourful sauce before it's roasted and the long roasting time gives the meat a deeply rich barbecued flavour.