Perfect roast beef every time!
Roast beef is one of those dishes that's virtually impossible to cook to perfection but not because of the degree of difficulty! In fact, roast beef is quite easy to cook. Find out how!
Sauerkraut….the ultimate accompaniment
In this post I'm going to show you just how easy making your own homemade sauerkraut is and then a great and easy recipe for how to cook with it using your Fornetto!
Mushroom picking!
It's time to start thinking about pickling or fermenting your vegetables, curing your own meat and sausages and of course, picking nature's "spory" little wonders that start growing amongst the bed of fallen leaves and pine needles that now make up most of the forest's ground cover. Mushrooms!
Brined, half-smoked and slow roasted turkey
It may be out of your everyday norm but there's nothing new about smoking a turkey. In fact, turkey has been smoked for generations and there's no surprise as to why. Find out more, and follow our recipe for the most delicious Thanksgiving turkey.
Minced meats part 2; Chipotle Burgers
Chipotle is a Mexican smoke-dried chili pepper. For this recipe you'll need Chipotle sauce which you can find in most grocery stores alongside the other hot sauces or in the Mexican food section. Follow the blog to make this delicious burger which is jam packed with good things!
Stuffed for the holidays!
Here are three delicious and different recipes for you to try on your holiday table this year using vegetables that you may never have thought about stuffing! Pumpkin with a curried beef filling, White Cabbage with a very traditional English flavour and Nappa (Chinese or Wombok) Cabbage stuffed Asian style.
A holiday request from one of our Directors
Find out how to make a traditional French apple pie or tart which can be found throughout France. The tart is eye catching, with the apples all laid out in concentric circles over the surface. It will delight anyone around your table, whatever the time of year.
A festive spiral side dish!
It's the time to be festive and this side dish has everything you need and want to accompany any roast you may be preparing. It's a mix between a potato casserole (where the potatoes have been finely sliced and layered with cheese and onion) and a quiche. It's intricate and beautiful.
Braised Beef Shank at its best – Beef Ossobuco
Traditionally speaking, Ossobuco, a dish native to Milan, is made with veal shank and vegetables and is cooked in a mixture of white wine and broth. It's flavoured with cinnamon, bay leaves and gremolata. Check out our blog using beef instead of veal for a very rich beef flavour!
The charm, mystique and flavours of Marrakesh
The food of Marrakesh, and Morocco in general, is very flavourful, mixing spices into rich blends and combining them with meat, poultry, seafood, fish and vegetables. Read about the food of Marrakesh and find out how to make a delicious chicken tajine served with olives, couscous and vegetables.