Fornetto Razzo 22″ Multi-Function Smoker

  • Changeable smoker sections for greater flexibility
  • Locking chamber clips for superior cooking confidence
  • Tripod feet for smoker stability
  • Heat resistant silicone handles for easy manoeuvring
  • Moulded phenolic lid handle for confident grip
  • Smoker access door to monitor cooking Phenolic dials for superior airflow
  • Enamelled steel exterior enhances durability and holds heat
  • Baskets, grills and hooks finished in high quality stainless steel for added resilience
  • Hanging hooks for multi-function cooking
  • Temperature controls for minimal heat loss and added precision

Watch the VIDEO for a 3D animation and self-assembly instructions.

*Not all Fornetto products are available in all regions. Please consult with your local distributor to confirm availability.

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