Sweet, sour and beautifully smoky: Smoked ham


  • 16 kg (13 lb) cooked ham
  • Glaze: 350 ml (1 1/2 cups, 12 fl.oz) pure maple syrup
  • 115 ml (1/2 cup, 4 fl.oz) freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 1 large piece of ginger peeled, about 5 gr (0.2 oz.)
  • 15 cloves
  • 15 gr (0.6 oz) tamarind paste


3 hour smoked ham with maple syrup, tamarind and spice glaze

  • Preheat your Fornetto Oven to 175 ℃ (350 ℉ )*.
  • Mix the ingredients for the glaze in a pot and boil until thick. Strain and set aside.
  • Score the ham like a checker board diagonally.
  • Brush the ham with the glaze and bake in the Fornetto Oven for 1 hour until the glaze has caramelised and darkened.
  • Remove the ham from the oven and cover.
  • Reduce the heat of the oven to 50 ℃ (120 ℉ ).
  • Add the wood chips to the combustion chamber and when they begin smoking return the ham to the oven loosely tented with foil.
  • Allow to smoke for three hours, monitoring every 30 minutes for temperature.

*You could also try smoking your ham in your Fornetto Razzo smoker or your Fornetto Lento kamado. Fruity wood chips are great for creating delicious smokiness. Remember to carefully monitor the temperature with a thermometer, check on the ham regularly and rest well before carving.